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Catering to the Client
Salas Consulting provides a wide range of services to our clients. We specialize in developing custom systems utilizing a variety of software products, tools and database environments. We also implement more traditional ERP systems, e-Commerce systems, web-based systems, and custom Client / Server based solutions.

The key to our success in these efforts is: (1) our expertise in the technologies we utilize in developing these systems, (2) our experience and knowledge of the functional applications being developed, (3) our abilities to learn the client business, and (4) our focus on making the technologies work for the needs of our clients.

Typically, we utilize our own proven methodology which allows us to tailor unique solutions for our clients’ needs. On some of our efforts, we utilize the established methodologies of our clients. We train our engineers to work under either approach.

Our rate for most services offered is only $75 per hour, making us one of the lowest hourly priced solutions provider anywhere!

Basic Business Technology Infrastructures
Our seasoned, certified network engineers develop and deploy technology infrastructures for any size and type of business. A typical infrastructure consists of PC based workstations for end users combined with appropriate servers that provide services such as file, print, email, data and web services. We are able to provide all associated technologies such as cabling, hubs, routers, firewalls, spam filtering, virtual private networking, internet connectivity, etc.

We also offer full service and support services for back office solutions from Microsoft and IBM, Oracle and others.  We also offer custom application and reporting services to compliment new and existing back office applications.

Custom Systems
Salas Consulting has been developing custom systems since we began in 1997. We have established roots in developing solutions based on the Windows platform, utilizing client-server technologies and more recently web-enabled systems. Salas And Associate’s expertise spans the major operating environments (Intranet, Internet, Windows, and Linux), the major databases (Oracle, Informix, Sybase, SQL Server and DB2) and many of the leading development tools (MS Visual Studio Suite, Clarion, Clarion.NET, PERL, Java, and others). Please contact us for more info.

HIPPA Compliance
Salas Consulting has been providing consulting services for the Short/Long Term Care Facilities. We have developed
solutions based on the stringent HIPPA requirements. Utilizing current technologies we can ensure all your data is safe from any intrusion; this includes a security sweep throughout your current network to ascertain real results and improve any areas where there may be holes for intruders to gain entry. Salas And Associate’s expertise will serve your needs tremendously. We can also provide you with Cloud services for all your needs and provide the security needed to ensure your systems and data are well covered in any case of disaster. Please contact us for more info.

Web-Enabled Systems
Our e-Business service practices helps clients transform their businesses to develop and maintain a competitive edge in the web-based economy. Salas Consulting has applied its expertise in developing complex systems to the development of robust web-based systems. We are particularly adept at developing and implementing back-end integration to existing enterprise systems. As clients become committed to expanding their web-enabled systems, the need for integration with back-end systems becomes essential. Please contact us for more info.